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Empowering you with personalized and strategic financial solutions to secure, grow, and preserve your wealth for both present needs and future aspirations.

Our Approach

A robust wealth strategy serves as a road map for safeguarding and enhancing your family’s assets or those of your business. Our process revolves around a consultative team approach, ensuring comprehensive and personalized financial solutions.

Fixed Index Annuities

We begin with an in-depth discovery process, taking the time to understand you, your family, and your unique values, goals, and objectives. Our Wealth Strategists craft tailored solutions that align with your current planning stage, ensuring timely and appropriate financial strategies.

Split/Funded Annuities

These solutions are part of an integrated approach to wealth management, with a broader focus on defining a family's mission, legacy, and values. We work strategically and collaboratively as a cohesive professional advisory team, including your tax, legal, and business advisors, to ensure seamless implementation of all aspects of your wealth strategy.

Our Solutions

Family Wealth Transfer Planning

Protecting your family’s wealth, avoiding unnecessary taxes, and ensuring your legacy endures are key aspects of our wealth strategy. Our Wealth Strategists collaborate with your attorney, tax advisor, and fiduciary advisor to design sophisticated, customized plans that balance control and flexibility. We can assist you with:

Our Solutions

Retirement Planning

Ensuring you have enough assets for a fulfilling retirement, and planning for unforeseen contingencies, is crucial. Whether you are nearing retirement, years away, or already retired, our Private Bank resource can assess your retirement goals, provide objective guidance, monitor your progress, and assist with various retirement-related concerns, including:

Our Solutions

Education Planning

We apply our extensive experience to help families save adequately for education costs. Your Wealth Strategist will help estimate current and future education expenses, evaluate tax-efficient savings options, and suggest planning, trust, investments, and insurance strategies to make education goals achievable.

Our Solutions

Risk Management & Insurance

Protecting your wealth is as crucial as growing it. Proper insurance coverage is an integral part of any financial plan. As a risk management option, insurance can replace lost income due to disability or death, provide funds for estate taxes, assist with long-term care costs, or ensure continuity of business interests. A comprehensive insurance review can:

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Strategic Philanthropy

Charitable giving is often a priority for our clients. Whether you aim to support a specific organization or address a community need, our Wealth Strategists can help you develop philanthropic goals and strategies, integrating charitable giving into your financial plan. Philanthropic strategies include:

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Family & Business Continuity and Succession

Business owners have unique and complex planning needs. Our experienced team will understand your personal and business objectives, helping you develop a custom-tailored plan for each stage of your business’s life cycle. We evaluate relevant estate and income tax planning strategies, reward and retain key employees, plan for retirement, and develop a business succession plan.



Tax Planning

Our private banking resource offers extensive experience advising highly compensated executives on their complex compensation and benefit packages. Based on your unique situation and objectives, our wealth management team, in consultation with your attorney and accountant, can advise on strategies to achieve financial success, including:

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Planning for the Modern Family

Traditional wealth strategy often assumes a conventional family structure. However, today’s modern families come in various forms. Demographic data suggests that many families no longer fit the traditional nuclear family model. Each family form requires unique wealth planning strategies, and we are equipped to address these diverse needs.