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When individuals have a positive relationship with their finances, positive outcomes follow. Increased confidence, security, better sleep, easier breathing, and overall happiness are the results. Our commitment to this purpose has a combined experience of over 80 years. Our Guidance offers a sophisticated financial background with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in complex financial concepts, instruments and strategies that gives  our clients peace of mind. 

Orlando Garcia (CFF)

(Life & Annuities) E&O Insured

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Orlando's Story

Welcome to the digital home of Orlando Garcia, a distinguished financial strategist
renowned across the Pacific Northwest for his unparalleled expertise and visionary insights
in the realm of finance. Orlando Garcia has established himself as a trusted Fiduciary and
a beacon of financial acumen in both Business and individual investment landscapes.

Orlando’s journey into the world of finance began with a deep-seated curiosity for the
intricate workings of financial sovereignty and Building Multi-Generational Wealth. His
academic prowess, coupled with an innate talent for strategic thinking, propelled him
through prestigious institutions where he honed his skills in Tax-Free Accumulation, risk
management, and investment strategy.

Orlando Garcia and his team of professionals are constantly delivering innovative solutions
that will help shape the financial landscape of the Pacific Northwest. His ability to see and
identify lucrative opportunities has earned him the respect and admiration of peers and
clients alike.

Orlando's values, mission, and vision

Orlando Garcia, is a dedicated financial strategist with a strong commitment to empowering the community through financial education and advocacy. His mission revolves around achieving financial sovereignty within his community, aiming to provide tools and knowledge that enable individuals to manage their finances independently and effectively. Orlando emphasizes culturally sensitive approaches to financial planning and investments, tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by indigenous groups. His efforts include promoting economic independence, preserving cultural values, and fostering sustainable financial practices within the community. Deeply committed to achieving genuine financial sovereignty within his tribal community, his efforts focus on several key areas.

Empowerment through Education

Orlando prioritizes financial education within his community, ensuring that individuals have the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions.

Cultural Sensitivity

He integrates cultural values and traditions into financial strategies, respecting and preserving the unique heritage of his tribal community.

Community Engagement

Orlando actively engages with community members, leaders, and organizations to understand their needs and develop tailored financial solutions.

Economic Development

His strategies aim to promote economic growth and stability within the community, fostering opportunities for sustainable prosperity.

Advocacy and Representation

Orlando advocates for policies and initiatives that support financial independence and sovereignty for indigenous peoples, both locally and nationally.

Long-Term Sustainability

His approach emphasizes long-term planning and resilience building, ensuring that financial gains are sustainable and beneficial for future generations.


Our clients are our priority

At freedom financial strategies our commitment is centered around prioritizing our clients  above all else. We strive to provide personalized financial guidance and solutions that meet  your unique needs and aspirations. 

Here's what makes our financial advisors different

At Freedom Financial Strategies, our advisors guide you toward the path that brings you closer to the life you’ve envisioned. When you collaborate with us, expect personalized financial steps tailored to your unique goals.

Discover hidden financial blind spots and learn how to address them.

Get answers to both your known and unexpected financial questions


Our Commitment to You

At our core, we recognize that a diverse workforce—bringing together a multitude of ideas, perspectives, and creativity—is essential for providing the cutting-edge financial solutions our clients require. Our unwavering commitment lies in fostering an unparalleled culture of inclusion and respect. But our efforts extend beyond our organization; we actively champion inclusion within our communities and among the businesses and relationships we collaborate with.


Leading by example

At Freedom Financial Strategies, we uphold the ethos of leading by example. Our leadership embodies the core principles upon which our organization was established. These principles include prioritizing our clients’ best interests, adopting a long-term perspective, providing exceptional product value, fostering enduring relationships, and maintaining unwavering financial strength. 


Secure Estate Liquidity for Taxes and Obligations

We offer comprehensive solutions to streamline your estate planning, focusing on minimizing taxes, ensuring liquidity, and properly timing distributions to your beneficiaries.  This includes reducing taxes, providing liquidity, and making sure you’re compounding your money.


Safeguard Your Family, Retirement, and Long-Term Care

A single life insurance policy can cover your family, optimize your retirement savings, and provide long-term care benefits. Our unique policy design and proprietary product ensure liquidity across various scenarios, such as death, retirement income supplementation, and long-term care needs.


Protect Business Leaders to Cover Corporate Obligations

Our firm assists businesses, private equity, and venture capital firms in insuring key executives and employees. We offer coverage ranging from $1,000,000 to over $100,000,000 and place both institutional and proprietary life insurance policies to fund corporate liabilities.


Efficient Tax Deferral Strategies

Utilize life insurance investment accounts to defer taxes on alternative and traditional investments. This strategy is particularly beneficial for high-income tax states and asset classes like fixed income, alternative investments, or equity portfolios with high turnover.


Customized Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Solutions

We collaborate with senior executives and boards to develop life insurance programs (COLI, BOLI, ICOLI) tailored to meet your company’s investment goals and strategies. 


Equalizing Inheritance and Supporting Charitable Causes

We assist families in using life insurance to balance inheritance among heirs, especially in family-owned businesses. For charitable donations, life insurance provides immediate funds upon death, ensuring your philanthropic goals are met efficiently.

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