Private Placement Life Insurance

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is a powerful tool for high-net-worth individuals looking to preserve wealth and optimize tax efficiency. By integrating PPLI into your financial strategy, you can protect your assets, ensure confidentiality, and provide for future generations.

Benefits of PPLI

Asset Protection

PPLI shields your wealth from creditors, governmental actions, and judgments, offering robust asset protection.

Tax Protection

PPLI assets are safeguarded from both current and future taxes, including wealth, transfer, and death taxes.

Wealth Preservation

This strategy helps in protecting and growing your assets for future generations, benefiting heirs, family trusts, or charitable causes.


You can use tax-free policy loans to provide income during retirement, with the ability to borrow up to 90% of the policy value.

Top Reasons to Choose ppli

Privacy and Confidentiality

PPLI ensures utmost confidentiality in managing your financial affairs.


PPLI Structure

A well-drafted asset protection trust is essential for creating dynastic wealth. Trusts mitigate estate taxes while offering protection and privacy, preserving your legacy for generations. Trusts can be established domestically or internationally, based on your goals and circumstances.

Owning a PPLI policy within a trust adds income and capital gains tax optimization with additional asset protection from the insurance carrier.

Progress Bar
1. Establish a Trust

The client sets up a trust

2. Transfer Assets

Assets are transferred into the trust through sale or exempt gifting.

3. Purchase PPLI Policy

The trust purchases the PPLI policy with the transferred assets.

4. Premium Payments

Premiums are paid from the trust to the insurance company and deposited in a separate account.

5. Managed Account

The client’s advisor manages the tax-free account based on the client's preferences.

6. Policy Payout

Upon the insured's death, the account pours back into the trust tax-free, to be distributed as per the client’s wishes.


Incorporate PPLI

Incorporating PPLI into your financial plan offers numerous benefits, including asset protection, tax efficiency, and wealth preservation. By working with experienced advisors, you can create a robust structure that supports your long-term financial goals and secures your legacy.


Secure Estate Liquidity for Taxes and Obligations

We offer comprehensive solutions to streamline your estate planning, focusing on minimizing taxes, ensuring liquidity, and properly timing distributions to your beneficiaries.  This includes reducing taxes, providing liquidity, and making sure you’re compounding your money.


Safeguard Your Family, Retirement, and Long-Term Care

A single life insurance policy can cover your family, optimize your retirement savings, and provide long-term care benefits. Our unique policy design and proprietary product ensure liquidity across various scenarios, such as death, retirement income supplementation, and long-term care needs.


Protect Business Leaders to Cover Corporate Obligations

Our firm assists businesses, private equity, and venture capital firms in insuring key executives and employees. We offer coverage ranging from $1,000,000 to over $100,000,000 and place both institutional and proprietary life insurance policies to fund corporate liabilities.


Efficient Tax Deferral Strategies

Utilize life insurance investment accounts to defer taxes on alternative and traditional investments. This strategy is particularly beneficial for high-income tax states and asset classes like fixed income, alternative investments, or equity portfolios with high turnover.


Customized Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Solutions

We collaborate with senior executives and boards to develop life insurance programs (COLI, BOLI, ICOLI) tailored to meet your company’s investment goals and strategies. 


Equalizing Inheritance and Supporting Charitable Causes

We assist families in using life insurance to balance inheritance among heirs, especially in family-owned businesses. For charitable donations, life insurance provides immediate funds upon death, ensuring your philanthropic goals are met efficiently.

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